Little Lotta Love Chocolaterie gives people happiness with unique chocolate masterpieces created in the tradition of European chocolatiers.

Thank you for supporting my small business! Sweet greetings,

When I was born, my father, one of Europe’s most experienced Chocolatiers, created a truffle chocolate called “Sarah’s Rum Traum” – the groundbreaking of my lifelong passion for chocolate. I represent the 3rd generation of the Wiebold Family Business which was founded in 1968. With over 5 decades of traditional knowledge in Chocolate Manufacturing my father passed me down his quality values, infinite imagination and the biggest love for chocolate.

In 2019 I came to the US and started making Chocolate Hearts in my kitchen. I individualized them with personal letterings and gave them to friends and neighbors. They immediately fell in love with my products and I got more and more requests to sell them.

So, I founded Little Lotta Love Chocolaterie with the goal to delight and inspire people from all over the world with the most delicious and delicate chocolate masterpieces.

I am very proud I can keep our wonderful family tradition and expand it to my American friends. I am using only the finest ingredients and raw materials; every product is a unique masterpiece made by hand and after a faithful recreation of the long-standing Wiebold tradition of chocolate experience. My special concern is the following:

Fall in Love & be happy with my chocolates!


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Sarah Wiebold

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer

Born into the chocolate business she is a natural to the art of writing in chocolate and crafting unique masterpieces out of the world's best ingredients

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